Monday, August 3, 2015

Roma 3 - Rome, Italy

Amici e Famiglia,

It was another really hot and humid week in Rome.  On Monday we went to a Colombian family's home for Family Home Evening.  We also ate dinner there which consisted of a rice dish with homemade spicy salsa, salsas, fruit, and lemonade.  On Tuesday we went to district meeting and afterwards went to get a kebab. Then we took the metro to Termini to do an exchange with Rome 6.  Then we went to a Philippino family's house to teach the plan of salvation.  I was very happy to receive a cup of juice with ice cubes (very rare in Italy because they think that cold drinks ti fanno male) in it when we arrived.  Then we had English course. The day after that we had a few lessons.  We were also given some homegrown habaneros which I have put in everything. I touched my eyes one night 4 hours or so after eating some (and after washing my hands because I wash my hands after eating) and I had to rush to the sink to rinse my eyes out.  On Thursday we did some service in the morning helping out an elderly lady and we were given lunch and a bunch of pears in return.  Also I accidentally touched a hot drill bit after drilling a hole in some stone.  Luckily no blister formed but I lost the fingerprint. Then we had a lesson.  The next day we planned and had a lesson.  The day after that we had a lot of lessons fall through and we also went to the hospital to visit an investigator and give another blessing.  She was very weak but was still doing her best to share the gospel with those around her. Yesterday on Sunday we went to church and then rushed home to eat something to break the fast before heading to an investigators new house to unload a few moving trucks.  I was completely soaked in sweat afterwards but we couldn't go home because we had another appointment. We were dying for some drinks too so we decided to stop at a small shop... It was one of those oxen stuck in the pit moments.  Anyways when we entered the shop a member from Nigeria recognized us as missionaries of the church and got us some cokes for free.  It was a miracle and one of the dozens of times I've followed my stomach and we've had success.  We have an appointment with him for later this week and will try to reactivate him.  Then we had another couple of lessons. Today for pday everyone wanted to go to the Vatican which you have to pay money to go into. When we got there I saw a giant line that gave me flashbacks of Disneyland so Anz. Russo and I dipped to get some food and especially good gelato.  Then we took a long nap at home.  I'm hoping and praying the heat goes away soon.
Anziano Blazzard

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