Monday, August 31, 2015

Il cibo e più cibo

Cari Amici e Famiglia,

It was a real good week here in Rome besides the heat which has returned for some reason.  On Monday after the site-seeing stuff we went to the family home evening for the young adults with some investigators and new converts.  We ate some good pasta and played some games and listened to a good spiritual lesson.  Also a guy showed up who wanted help with Italian and also wants to know more about the church.  On Tuesday we went to capi conference which was pretty good except for the technology problems with skype (kept cutting out).  I guess for the next transfer they will be flying all the capi up to Rome.  Afterwards we went and got some real good pizza at Fratelli La Bufala.  I got the diavola which is spicy pepperoni with cheese.  Then we had a lesson and gelato, English course, and then a birthday party for a new member.  My buttons were about to pop off my shirt after that meal of peruvian dishes and fries and chicken and sweets and a liter and a half of coke.  The next day we went to DDM and then ran to an appointment where we got fed again.  Then we had a few lessons and ate some pizza with an investigator.  The next day we decided to visit a part member family in a place called Pomezia.  I ate two plates of pasta and a bunch of fried chicken before we shared our spiritual thought which was perfect for the food we had just eaten.  It was the story about a hungry guy biking home from school not having enough money for a chicken wing who prayed and found a quarter to buy the chicken wing (The Privilege of Prayer October 2011 gen conference).  I wasn't expecting fried chicken that day either when we decided on the spiritual thought.  Then we had a lesson and went to correlation and English course. On Friday we went to do service and afterwards were fed some focaccia, meat and potato and veggie stuff, and some parmesan eggplant stuff.  Afterwards we had a bunch of lessons and went to a meal appointment where we ate some broccoli sausage pasta and salad and ice cream.  On Saturday we planned and then had a few lessons and ate some pizza again with an investigator.  On Sunday bishop came back from America and the stake president was there and a bunch of people showed up from vacations or something so church attendance was super high. The chapel was packed.  Also we had quite a few investigators and less-actives show up which was awesome.  After church we had a few lessons and were offered dinner but it was too late and we still had to make calls and take numbers from the zone so we had to politely decline.  It was a great week.
Anziano Packer Blazzard

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