Monday, August 24, 2015

Roma3, Roma, Italia

Cari Amici e Famiglia,

It was a pretty busy week in Rome. On Monday we went to Saint Paul's Basilica again because some people haven't gone.  I got to talking with this British guy and his son about church and he was telling me he wasn't impressed with all the graffiti around the churches and how the grounds were badly kept and how some people just go to church once a week and then go back to sinning like nothing had happened.  He recognized us as Mormons and I told him to go to one of our services and check out the London temple and grounds.  He said he would and we parted ways.

Then after pday ended we went to family home evening for the young adults.  One of the senior sister missionaries made  delicious sloppy joes and I had three... I don't know how to say no sometimes.  The next day we had DDM and afterwards Holbrook and I made a pasta with egg plant and sausage and olive oil.  It turned out really good.  Then we had a bunch of lessons and English course.  The
next day we helped clean mold in another missionary apartment where we basically scraped off everything to the concrete wall underneath to remove it.  I scraped off some of my knuckles in the process.  Then we had a few lessons.  Thursday we arose early at 5:30 to make it to Termini (rome's central train station) where we helped coordinate the transfers.  This time everyone got on the right train.  I helped one poor elder on with his baggage. He was sacred because he was in a car by himself and had to get off in a city where nobody else would be getting off.  I assured him there would be a group of missionaries waiting for him at his city.  Then I and some of the elders waiting for trains or companions went on the hunt for some food because I had woken up at the last minute and had not eaten breakfast.  We got some kebab and then after everyone left we had to go to the office to meet
up with some other missionaries flying to sardegna later that day. On the way we found some mtn dew in a shop some other missionaries had told me about.  It was cold and in a can and not from Romania so it was really good.  Then we went home and riposted a bit before going to English course.  On Friday we planned and had a few lessons. Saturday was pretty busy with a bunch of lessons and one meal appointment where I tried to teach the lesson in Spanish.  On Sunday we went to church and afterwards had a little sack lunch lesson with an investigator. It's really crazy how far some people travel to get to church.  It's very impressive and shows strong faith.

We had a few other lessons.  Today for pday we went to saint johns church again and this time I realized that all the statues of saints were holding the thing that was used to kill them.  One was holding a carving knife that was used to skin him alive, another was holding a saw that was used to cut him in half and Paul was holding a sword which was used to behead him. Then we ate some fries and gelato... Yeah I'm going to have to get serious about my diet soon.  Well all in all things are good and temperatures are cooling down so I can't complain.

Anziano Packer Blazzard

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