Monday, August 10, 2015

Roma 3, Roma, Italy

Cari Amici e Famiglia, Another week has come and gone very quickly. Last Monday after I sent the email we went to a family's home for pizza and a lesson. We were going over the restoration again and watched the short 19 minute film. It is crazy that you can watch that film over and over again and the spirit will still bear witness of the truthfulness of its message. It has really strengthened my testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith and the restoration of the true Church of Jesus Christ on the earth in these latter days. Afterwards we went to a bus stop to wait for the bus home and were hassled a bit by some women who were working the street (we are kind of in the ghetto of Rome). I told them we weren't interested as we were missionaries and members of the church. Then I explained the restoration quickly. One continued to joke around and make fun of us but the other was touched and said she respected what we did and what we stood for. I am grateful for the mission and how it has helped me be able to respond quickly and boldly to people trying to ridicule a righteous lifestyle. The next day we had district meeting and ate some really good pizza. The guy messed up on mine and ended up giving me a bianca (without sauce) instead of a rossa (with sauce). I told him we would be fine if he gave me 50 cents for the absence of sauce. He then gave us some napkins and told me, "Here is your 50 cents." Once you give money to an Italian he won't give it back for anything. Then we had a few lessons. The next day after that we had a bunch of lessons. On Thursday we did service and then had a few other lessons and English course. On Friday we planned and made brownies for a Colombian family we would see later that night. We ate some delicious spaghetti with mussels (and hot sauce of course) and some other stuff. When we pulled out the brownies they wolfed the whole pan of them down in a matter of minutes. The father said he really liked the chewiness of them. On Saturday we had a few lessons and on Sunday we went to church and afterwards ate with all the members for Anz. Russo's b-day. Then we went to the hospital to see an investigator and give her a blessing. The situation wasn't looking too good but after the blessing and reading a few scriptures together we left the room with a lot more peace in our hearts. And that peace comes from a testimony of the plan of salvation and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Anziano Blazzard

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