Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Week 63 - Roma 3, Roma, Italy

Amici e Famiglia,

It was another fast week here in Rome.  On Monday Anz Russo and I went to this Chinese buffet. I got lectured at the end for not cleaning my plate each time... I thought they were joking.  Also, Chinese food is better in America.  Then Anz Mercado and I went to visit a Philippino member in Cisterna di Latina. We ate some really good Philippino food (meat stuff and rice) and drank homemade cantaloupe juice. I ate a little too much that day.  Tuesday was DDM and afterwards we got some Kebab. Then we went to a few appointments and had cake at one and a full meal with two deserts at the end at the other.  The next day we had some lessons. On Thursday we had some lessons and English course.
We also went to the hospital to give a blessing to an investigator who wants to be baptized really bad but is having serious health problems. She was much calmer afterwards and said she felt warm inside.  On Friday we planned and then had some lessons including two meals.  On Saturday we went to the baptism of a really cool investigator of the other companionship.  The baptism went very well and afterwards we had some refreshments and one of the senior couples brought some chocolate pumpkin bars which reminded me of the ones Mom makes every fall.

On Sunday we went to church and it was pretty crazy. I had to translate, make sure a new member got to church, fellowship a man who just showed up at church wanting to know more, and play the piano.  I can't wait to have just one calling.  Then later we had a few lessons and met this girl on the trenino (small train). She kept looking at my tag and then at me and then at the tag and back at me. I asked her if she had a question.  She said she wanted to talk to us when we got off at the stop.  When we got off she first asked if we were Jehovah's witnesses and was relieved when I said we weren't.  She then said she was
looking for help to overcome some of the challenges in her life. We said we could help and fixed an appointment for later in the week. Afterwards I felt the impression that many people are watching us as missionaries and that we always need to be letting our lights shine so that people can recognize us as disciples of Christ. Vi auguro una buona settimana!

Anziano Blazzard

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