Monday, August 17, 2015

Roma 3, Rome, Italy

Another transfer has come and gone.  We got the calls on Saturday and Anziano Holbrook from the other Roma 3 elder companionship will be with me next transfer.  I am super pumped to work with him as we have been friends since the first day in the MTC.  Anziano Mercado got bumped over to Roma 6 so he will still be able to enjoy Rome for a while.  They are also bringing another companionship of sisters so we will be 12 missionaries in total (2 senior couples, 2 elder companionships, and 2 sister companionships).  Good thing is there is work to go around for us all. So to recap the week on Monday we did some touristy things.  We looked through this keyhole that gave a great view of a church lined by trees on either side.  Then we looked at this stone face thing where you're supposed to put your hand in its mouth to see if you are a liar or not based on if it smashes your hand or not.  Then we went to a family home evening in church with some investigators and members.   On Tuesday we had a few lessons and English course.  On Wednesday we had district meeting where we also ate delicious cake stuff with peaches and whipped cream.  Then we had Indian food and a lesson later.  On Thursday we planned in the morning and then went to a less-actives for lunch.  Then we went to Termini to pick up Anziano Trejo (my old mtc comp)  for a scambio.  Then we hurried back to church for correlation with the Ward mission leader and then English course.  On Friday we did service and then had a few lessons in the evening time.  On Saturday we cleaned all morning because it was a holiday and then we went to the church to watch a church film and eat together for an activity.  We brought a homemade lasagna, watermelon, and coke.  Some other people brought some Indian food. Surprisingly we eat quite a bit of Indian food here in Rome. Yesterday we went to church and then afterwards had a few more lessons.  Our investigator in the hospital is thankfully doing a lot better and she shared with us a good story that I wanted to pass on to y'all.  So there is this man who is reading the bible in a barbershop instead of the magazines.  When he begins to get his haircut the barber remarks that he doesn't believe in God because there are so many tragedies in the world. The believing man doesn't know how to respond.  When he leaves the shop he sees a beggar with long hair and a big beard.  Then he brings the beggar into the shop.  He tells the barber, "You have been a barber for 40 years and yet there are people outside walking around with long wild hair and unkempt beards.  The barber says, "I can't help them if they don't walk in and ask for a haircut." Then the believing man explains that it is the same with God.  We have to seek his help.  Anyways obviously there are times when bad things happen to good people who pray because there will always be an opposition in all things and people have to ability to choose between right and wrong but the story was pretty cool.  Have a great week.

Anziano Blazzard

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