Monday, February 29, 2016


Cari Amici e Famiglia,

It was a pretty tiring but good week.  On Tuesday we got up at 3:30 in the morning so we could be nice and ready to take the bus at 4:50 to go to Taranto for zone conference.  Conference was a little long but we got some good instruction including on how to be better preach my gospel missionaries.  We had to wait a bit at the bus stop in Taranto and while waiting we talked to some people and shared the gospel and gave out some cards.  We also watched people blow 100s of euros on
gambling machines.  It really is an addiction for some people. Anyways we got on the bus at 8 something and got home before midnight. The next day we did some service and some lessons.  Service is always good for the soul and it was pretty fun too as we got to throw a recliner off the balcony.  The next few days we did some lessons and on Saturday we were enlisted to help with the LDS charities project putting together kits for refugees.  We were among the few to stay all
day (we stayed for the free lunch ;)) and afterwards we watched meet the Mormons (Conosci i Mormoni) with some members and investigators. Yesterday we went to church and had a good lunch appointment.  There also was a crazy wind storm that blew some trees down.  Today we went to the police station to renew my residence permit.  I made friends with a Pakistan guy who gave me a smaller number so I didn't have to wait so long in line.  Life is good.

Anziano Blazzard

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