Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Reverse Street Contacting

Cari Amici e Famiglia,

It has been a great and exhausting week.  We are doing well as far as missionary work goes and are continuing to see miracles, including being stopped over ten times by people in one day which is a strange turn of things because that is supposed to be our job.  On Thursday we were able to get a good amount of service in cleaning up a house that was remodeled for one of the sisters in our branch.  A few days before we were going to an appointment and were stopped by some well dressed
young gentlemen who asked if we were English.  I said that no, I wasn't English, but that I spoke English and he then led us into a back room of a car dealership.  We then proceeded to help negotiate
the purchase of a Land Rover that was in Germany by translating.  On Friday we had mission leadership council via Skype and afterwards we went to eat at Fratelli La Bufala like always and we got pizzas. Afterwards we got gelato because it was nice and sunny.  Things like this are really going to make me miss Italy.  On Sunday we went to lunch at a member's house and then we spent some time with his family and saw a bunch of floats in the streets because there is a holiday here called Carnivale.  I also finished the New Testament again and have began the Book of Mormon again.  It's crazy that you can read the same stuff over and over again and still learn something new.  Have a
great week everyone!

Anziano Blazzard

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