Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Besciamella e Arancici

Cari Amici e Famiglia,

It was a pretty good week.  As I'm writing this email we are in the process of making a delicious lasagna.  We started out by cutting up onions, carrots, and celery.  We then put some homemade olive oil in a pot and fried up the mixture.  After everything was cooked a bit, we added some ground beef and some spices like pepper and oregano.  After the meat was browned we added some Mutti sauce with added basil (really good tomato sauce brand).  We will let that cook an hour or so.  In the meantime we are hard boiling some eggs to be later cut up and distributed evenly in one of the lasagna layers.  After everything is cooked we will begin to build the lasagna.  We will put sauce down in the pan first and then put a layer of lasagna pasta pieces.  After that we will spread sauce, besciamella, and buffalo mozzarella chunks on top.  You repeat that a couple of layers and the last layer you put the everything on top and Parmesan cheese.  You then put it into the oven at 375 F and cook it with tinfoil on top for 25-35 minutes until the pasta is cooked and soft.  You then take off the tinfoil and cook it a bit until the cheese on top is browned.  It's going to be pretty good.

So back to what happened this week we ate quite a bit with members. We ate sausage, different cheeses, slices of ham rolled up with cheese in the middle, chicken fried steak, pasta with a German meat sauce, lemon breaded chicken, pizza, arancini (if you don't know what those are go back to my emails when I was in Sicily... I ate them almost everyday), diverse salads (mostly vinegar and oil ones), freshly cut strawberries, cakes, and ribs.  I probably missed some stuff. We also had some really good lessons with our investigators and members.  We met some new members we hadn't seen before when we went to Castrovillari on Saturday.  They were very nice and invited us right in to eat.  We became fast friends and gave a blessing to the old lady who lives with them who isn't a member.  She is from an Albanian village near Castrovillari and she taught us some words.  I forgot all of them.

We also met some new investigators.  One was an young ex Jehovah's witness  who was very interested in the message of the restoration.  We had a strong member with us who was also formerly
a Jehovah's Witness so it was a solid lesson.  We have high hopes. Life is good here in Italy and I hope it's good for y'all back home. Vi auguro una buona settimana!!

Anziano Packer B Blazzard

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