Monday, March 7, 2016


Cari Amici e Famiglia,
It's been a crazy week for us.  On Tuesday we went to Crotone to do a scambio with the elders there.  One is American and the other is Uruguayan.  He's older and a convert and very funny.  We went to do a baptismal interview the following morning for a young man who found out about Mormons last summer on reality TV.  He was very prepared. Tuesday night we went out for some pizza with some friends we made at English course.  There were a bunch of characters.  The restaurant was very nice and on a cliff overlooking the ocean.  The pizza was delicious probably because it was expensive and had a bunch of buffalo mozzarella on it.  We also taught half the restaurant about the word of wisdom and modern revelation when they poured us some cocktails without us asking.  One of the guys drank the cocktails for us and luckily our driver didn't drink too much.  On Thursday we traveled to San Lucido to look for the brother of a member in Rome.  We enlisted the help of some local fruit vendors to find the place but it still took about an hour and it was raining.  We had a pleasant conversation with the family there, left a Book of Mormon, and then had to run for the bus.  We took a wrong turn and ended up running up a hill for 10 minutes before realizing the error and returning back to the bus stop. We were soaked (still raining) and sweaty, but also grateful because the bus was a little late and we were able to catch it.  The rest of the week was pretty normal teaching lessons and eating pizza. Transfer calls were supposed to come last week but they were postponed till this week.  I'll let you know where I'll be my last transfer!

Anziano Blazzard

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