Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 34 - Trapani, Sicily, Italy

Wow, this week flew by.  On Monday, as I said last week we were in Palermo for P-day.  We played soccer at an enclosed field with the district of 8 elders.  Then we headed to Bagheria for a missionary blitz.  We all headed out to talk with people on the streets.  I met a interesting man from Morocco who knew French, Arabic, Italian, German, and English.  Then my companion and I slept at Bagheria's apartment which is pretty cool.  It used to be the church in Bagheria so there is a big room to the left of the entrance foyer for meetings (they do English course there now) and to the right is a long hallway leading to the kitchen with a few bedrooms and bathrooms shooting off of it. It is a nice apartment which overlooks the main street in Bagheria.  The next morning we took a train to Palermo for district meeting.  Afterwards we went to Old Wild West for some burgers.  Then we took a bus back to Trapani.  It snowed along the trip back and when we arrived it was raining in sheets.  Then those sheets turned to size-able balls of hail.  It truly is a miracle that I nor my companion are not sick.  I have to admit we turned in a little early that night so we could defrost a little.  Oh I forgot to mention, when I woke up that morning after playing soccer and running for the first time in half a year I could barely move.  It felt like a day after a football game against Coeur d'alene.  The next day it snowed all day.  When we were at the bank getting some stuff done for my companion it started coming down in big flakes.  Everybody kind of stopped working and got up to stand at the windows and take pictures and videos.  We also had a lesson and talked with some people on the street.  The next day was the first so it was our biannual deep cleaning day.  At lunch we ate with the Valenti family (the same family that fed us on Christmas.)  She called the day before to invite us because she felt a spiritual prompting.  Somebody's watching over us.  It was a delicious meal of pasta al forno, lentil sausage soup, steak and peas, and desert.  The next day was weekly planning and then we had a few lessons in the evening.  We saw a less-active who we had been trying to see for a while.  The next morning we got stood up so while waiting we did some family history for Bermudes.  We looked through an old El Salvadorian civil record and connected one of his great great, etc. grandfathers to his wife and seven children.  It was pretty easy and fun. Then we did some street work later in the day.  The best conversation we had was at the supplement store where my companion was buying some stuff.  It's a new method called protein finding.  Yesterday we went to church, had a continuous stream of testimonies in fast and testimony meeting, and then ate lunch with the Sanacuore and Tobia family.  We had lasagna, horse meat, salad, fruit cocktail, and a delicious cake.  We later had a lesson.  Today we received a call from the president of the mission who had come down from Rome to do some interviews in Palermo.  He wants to see Trapani as he hasn't seen it before.  We should get some free food so I'm excited.
Happy New Year!  I challenge you to study the Book of Mormon.  It really isn't that hard-especially after the Isaiah chapters in 2nd Nephi-and the knowledge you can gain of the Plan of Salvation (where we came from, why we are here, and where we are going) and of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (what we have to do to return to our Father in Heaven) are worth your time.  I know the Book of Mormon is true.

Anziano Packer Blazzard

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