Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 36 - Trapani, Sicily

Transfer calls came from Rome and I am staying in Trapani with Anziano Tew who is coming from L'Aquila.  Anziano Bermudes is going to Pozzuoli and will be training a new missionary there.  So to recap the week on Monday we did the regular grocery shopping, email, nap, and lesson in the evening time.  On Tuesday we went to DDM (duh district meeting) in Palermo taking the bus(which they call a Pullman).  After the meeting we ate these overstuffed sandwiches from a place called Panini Bomba (bomb sandwiches).  It was basically a bunch of mystery meat between two pieces of bakery bread.  It was delicious.

W took the bus back to Trapani to teach our English course and have a lesson afterwards.  On Wednesday, we worked in the morning to prepare for the baptism on Saturday.  Then we had a lesson with some new converts and less actives watching The Testaments  We used one guy's computer and had a good laugh over his desktop picture.  It was him on the beach with a caption "that's black, man?" He's pretty black so it was hilarious.  The next day we went to the streets and tried talking to people/ handing out cards.  Then we taught some English course again (I have been teaching it by myself for 3 months because I'm the only native speaker so it will be nice to have another American when Anz. Tew comes).  The next day we had our weekly Weekly Planning Session  and then we taught a few lessons in the evening.  The second lesson we also were fed and it was pretty interesting.

We had a pasta with mussels still in the shell and then a kind of casserole thing with mushrooms, spinach, and ham. I like seafood so I was happy. Saturday morning we cleaned the church (because it was our turn) and prepared the baptismal font (like a big kiddie pool).  Then we had the baptism.  Ernest showed up a little late because he had to work that day in Marsala but it went smoothly from there besides me dropping my wet white tie on the ground (I gotta dry clean it now argh).  The next day we confirmed him a member and conferred upon him the Holy Ghost.  Then, we had lunch with the Cimino family which consisted of lasagna, potato tomato salad, lemon almond chicken, and some fruit.  After that we taught another lesson to a new convert.

Today, we are seeing a bunch of people before Anz. Bermudes takes off.  It starts with a pranzo appointment with the Valenti family so I need to mentally prepare for an insane amount of food.

Anziano Blazzard

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