Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 35 - Trapani, Sicily, Italy

It was a busy week in Trapani.  On Monday, we had the opportunity to spend P-Day with the Mission President and his wife and tour the old city on the hill called Erice.  It was cool to see more of the city and tour the old churches and buildings.  It was also cool as in freezing cold.  Then we tried to get free pizza (well free for me) but they pizza places don't make pizza until 7.  So, we got burgers instead.  This place sells burgers for 2.50 euro and they have two patties.  The next day we went to Palermo for District meeting.  We also went to the mall there for the huge discounts and I got a second pair of shoes.  I only use these ones for Sunday and will see how long the other shoes last. We got back to the station to go home but because it was a holiday of some sort we weren't able to get a bus for two hours.  While waiting, I saw a man buy a beggar some food at McDonald's.  There are some good people in the world.

Wednesday, Anziano Bermudes got a haircut and then we had a lesson and some street finding.  The next day we had a few lessons and then English course.  Afterwards, I attempted to make a cake but the consistency turned out all wrong.  It tasted good though.  Friday we planned in the morning and then the missionaries from Palermo 2 showed up for an exchange.  I went with Anziano Slade from Arizona to teach a lesson and the other companionship went to another appointment.  We finished our lesson and headed for the streets for some finding.  We ran into a few people who knew the missionaries and had some good gospel conversations.  We also got stopped by an English course student who saw us while driving and pulled over to say hi and ask if the class was still going.  Then we ate some more burgers and I showed Anziano Slade the bag of fries for a euro place.

The next morning we held an interview in church for a baptismal candidate and he passed!  Ernest from Ghana should be baptized next Saturday.  Then we went down to centro to see a less-active who we saw a few days before on the street.  He was super down because his back is all messed up and he was out of work.  It's hard to know what to say in situations like this (which are very common here.)  We told him about the people of Alma and when they were in bondage.  They prayed to God and had strong faith and patience so that the burdens were seemingly lightened upon their backs, and then we know they were eventually delivered.  We prayed before leaving and I think he was a little uplifted.  The next day we had church and afterwards we traveled to Enna in a big van with the brethren for the priesthood conference.  It was good to see all the missionaries from around Sicily again as well as my friends from Ragusa.  It was a great meeting about missionary work and the stake president gave a powerful testimony at the end.  We got home late and exhausted but spiritually strengthened with new resolve to work harder.

Okay, that's all for now... alla prossima.

Anziano Blazzard

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