Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 37 - Trapani, Sicily, Italy - Elder Tew

Well, I lost my planner this last week so this email is all off of memory.  Comunque, on Monday we ate quite a bit of food (nothing abnormal there.)  We began at the Valenti house with them and some parenti.  We had this onion pasta (sounds gross but the onion is cooked so much it becomes a sauce)  with giant meatballs.  It was pretty good.  I had a couple of plates of it.  They also had Spuma to drink in addition to the Coca which is an awesome drink they have here in Sicily.  It almost makes up for the lack of Mtn. Dew... haha I'm just kidding.  Then we had some fruit and dessert.  I can't remember if there was a secondo but the pasta was abbastanza.  Then we went to an investigating family's home to say goodbye.  By the way that's we did the last few days before Anz. Bermudes took off to Pozzuoli.  We had some hot chocolate.  Then we went to the Sanacuore's house for a cena with the grandparents there too.  We had this stew with meat, potatoes, and peas and then some other meat and maybe dessert.  On Tuesday we went to Palermo for district meeting and afterwards we had a mexican fiesta because we miss mexican food.  We had cafe rio style food so pork and stuff.  It was pretty good.  Then we had English course and afterwards went to another investigating family's house to say goodbye.  We ate something good but I can't remember what it was at the moment.  On Wednesday, Bermudes had to pack and we ran a few errands before he left.  We left for Palermo that night and met up with Palermo 2 and some other missionaries.  The next morning we arose early to walk across the city with a bunch of rolly luggage because we didn't see any buses.  It was only a 40 min walk.  cake. They left in trains and buses and by 7 all were gone.  We decided to celebrate by walking to Panini Bomba and eating some giant sandwiches stuffed with beef (hopefully), burgers, and sausage with tomatoes, lettuce, and fry sauce.  One wasn't enough so I got another and was rewarded with one loaded with french fries in addition to the meat.  The Italian customers were impressed I think (or entertained by 4 missionaries in suits chowing down on this food truck on the edge of the highway in the company of blue collar workers and farmers.)  We also got free chinotto which is a drink that tastes like cherry cough syrup.  I like Spuma more.  I was hoping they would have given us some cans of pepsi.  Later that day (after recovering from the panini during the pranzo break), we went to the train station to pick up the new comps.  I met Elder Tew and he is pretty cool.  He is from a town near Payson, Utah, likes soccer, and also did some flying as a pilot trainee.  He just completed 4 transfers (24 weeks)  in L'Aquila up north so we are both kind of young in the mission. Ce la caviamo.  The next morning we went back to Trapani and luckily it was raining.  We had a lesson that night.  The next day we planned and had a lesson in the afternoon.  On Sunday, we went to church and then ate at the Sanacuore's house for lunch.  We had spinach, ham, and mushroom pasta which was super good.  I had two portions of that and then some broccoli cus cus (like rice maybe).  Then we had some pork loin on the bone and some fruit and some dessert.  The dessert was this almond and cream pie with warm chocolate drizzled on top.  I had two pieces and the third piece was with Nutella on top.  I'll have you know I did politely refuse seconds each time but they were having to much fun.  Luckily, I had been fasting so it wasn't too difficult.  That night we had an awesome lesson.  Elder Tew and I taught really well in Italian together and despite forgetting the DVD we were going to watch it turned out well.  We had some pizza with them also.  Also, today, we will receive some free pasta for lunch so life is pretty good and temperatures are cool so I can't complain.  Talk to yall next week.  Ciao

Anziano Blazzard

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