Monday, March 21, 2016

Napoli - Bikes and Pizza

Cari Amici e Famiglia,
Well it's been an eventful week with transfers and all.  The beginning of the week we spent saying goodbye to everyone and we taught some new investigators too. They looked online and found out about polygamy so it was a fun lesson.  On Thursday I finished packing up and then went to the store to get a sandwich for the train ride.  One the way back home a random guy we met a few weeks ago bought us some barley coffee and a new umbrella for my companion because his was broke.  It was
random but cool.  The train ride to Napoli was uneventful but we got there with an hour delay.  Then I met my new comp at the Napoli station as well as a bunch of old missionary friends including an ex
missionary from Germany who was on vacation in Italy.  Then we took a train to Caserta and when we arrived I found out we were going to be riding bikes a lot.  My gluteus maximus is super sore.  It also seems to me a little dangerous with the crazy drivers in Italy but we have helmets too.  I never looked so much like a Mormon missionary.  The work is really good though and there are several progressing investigators.  The ward is a mixture of Americans from the military base and Italians.  They do the meetings in both languages translating both into Italian and English.  They even sing in both languages so it's pretty funny.  The pizza is super good though and I've already eaten a lot.  Today we went to Pompeii.  It was really cool.  The city is huge and a lot of things have been preserved well so you can see how Roman life was back in the day.  There are houses, restaurants,
bathhouses, and gardens.  The roads have grooves in them from the carriages and there are also sidewalks.  Also they have a bunch of petrified things from when Vesuvius erupted like bread, nuts, animals, and humans.  Super cool.  Now we are probably gonna eat a good pizza from Napoli.  Have a great week!!

Anziano Blazzard

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