Monday, January 4, 2016

A New Year

Cari Amici e Famiglia,

We had a really good week and New Years.  We started off by going to Crotone to do a few baptismal interviews for a married couple who got baptized a few days later on Saturday.  We also sang some carols in a mental hospital which was a first for me and also a really good experience. They loved it a lot although we were a little out of tune (or a lot... especially a guy near me).  After all was done we ate some fresh calzones which were a euro a pop.  I went back for seconds. The Crotone Anziano house is nice... And very clean which was a pleasant surprise.  It is on a hill that overlooks the city and the coast.  Beautiful view and nice open floor plan.  The next day we went to their district meeting and were treated to some lasagna made by the wonderful senior couple.  Later in the week was New Years obviously and it was pretty nice for us.  We ate, played games, and spent some time with investigators and members.  Lots of bomb like fireworks (probably would be illegal in America) went off and continue to go off randomly.  Lots of puke could be found on the streets the next morning too.  We gave our house a deep clean and I am enjoying the fresh smell of bleach now.  We got some good work going now and found some new investigators.  Today we did some zone soccer and managed to change our reservation to an indoor field which was nice because it has been raining all day.  Have a great week!!

Anziano Blazzard

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