Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 62 - Roma 3, Italia

Cari Amici e Famiglia,
It's really hot. This week I went to two conferences and had a lot of lessons fall through but we still saw some good things happen.  On Monday we went to the Indian food place again and this time there was air conditioning and some fans so it was an even better experience. I know I'm in Rome and there are so many "cool" things to see but when you pass by it everyday it loses its appeal. On the other hand food never loses its appeal... Later we went to an FHE activity. On Tuesday I went to a conference and I took the trenino (small train) to get to termini and it was packed full of Arabic, African, Bangladesh, Asian, and Eastern European people who don't think daily showers are a necessity. I was sweating badly too having had to bring my suit for the conference and an especially intense workout session that morning. After the conference we went to Porta di Roma to get some delicious pizza at Fratelli La Bufala. I got the diavola and then ate it under the blazing sun because all the shaded tables were taken.  Then we had English course and a lesson later that day.  The next day was zone conference. It went pretty well and we didn't get booed off the stage during our training so I was pretty content with it.  The next few days consisted of a lot of canceled lessons and me calling a billion people to fill in the slots because si muore in this heat out on the streets. We got some gelato too so that helped.
Anziano Blazzard

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