Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 61 - Roma 3, Italia

Cari Amici e Famiglia,

This week in Rome was good.  On Monday we went to a Pakistani friend of Anz. Russo's Indian restaurant. It was pretty amazing with a bunch of varied dishes brought out to us in these cool copper dishes. And the best part was that I felt completely normal afterwards without having any sort of problem. I guess the cliche isn't completely true about Indian food. We will be trying out the experiment again today with a return trip to verify the results.  Afterwards we went to Cisterna di Latina to see a member who is a cook from the Philippines. We ate pretty well there too and tried out this homemade cantaloupe juice. We also finally bought a portable AC unit and I have been sleeping comfortably enough since then.  On Tuesday we went to Rome 2's church for DDM with the Ostia and Ladispoli missionaries to present a training. Later that night we ate a bunch of rice, potatoes, peas, and meat with a member family.  The next day we went to another family's house for lunch, where we had a great Mediterranean meal of cold cut meats, tomatoes with oil and vinegar, and mozzarella .

That night we celebrated Anz. Palazzo's birthday with some other members and had a huge meal there too. The next day we arose at 4:30 to head to termini to direct transfers. We were there most of the day with a little break in the middle for lunch and some riposo. I also got my new comp from agrigento, Anz. Mercado. He is half Bolivian and was born in America. He went to UofU before the mission and worked. We get along very well. On Friday we planned and then had some lessons. On Saturday we had some more lessons. Sunday was church and I guess everyone went on vacation. Also the public trans is getting worse and worse so that might have been an issue. Then we had some more lessons. Today like I said we are eating some more Indian food. Not the best idea considering we will be adding heat to the heat.

Anz. Blazzard

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