Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 58 - Roma 3, Italia

Famiglia e Amici,

It was another busy week. On Monday after emailing we went bowling ... yeah, I don't know why ... it is not like we are in Rome or something. Anyways I was horrible at it as usual. Then we went to a FHE with an investigator put on by the senior couple. We ate delicious brownies at the end which was my favorite part.  The next day we went to the mission office to start an exchange. I was with my old comp Anz. Durham.  We went and got pizza at a shopping center near the temple site and then taught a few lessons and had English course. The next day we taught a few lessons and had lunch with our favorite Peruvian family before the scambio ended.  Then we had some other lessons and ate with another family. On Thursday we had a few lessons and English course. The day
after we had planning and a few more lessons. On Saturday we went to the Rome 1 church at Battistini for a baptism because the baptizee wanted Palazzo to give a talk.  Then we rushed back for our own baptism in Rome 3. It went super well and afterwards we had a talent night where some a member's amateur band played, we had an eating contest, and a crazy lady read a poem with some nature music in the background.  We also had senior couple perform some opera music.... very impressive. Yesterday we went to church. We did the confirmation and then had a few lessons and ate dinner with a family.  Today we will probably go to San Giovanni's.

Anziano Blazzard

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