Monday, June 15, 2015

Week 57 - Roma 3, Italia

Amici e Famiglia,

This week was really great.  On Monday after emailing we went to Saint Paul's Basilica.  It is a really cool church that has the chains that Paul broke in prison, his tomb, a thing that says "Exalted in the Celestial Kingdom," and a baptistery with a font and a wall that has the inscription "Baptisms for the dead."  Getting the picture of the chains was a little tough because I had to lean over a man who was praying to them.

Then we went and saw this little pyramid thing.  Afterwards we took a 45 minute train to Cisterna di Latina where we had to stand the entire way sweating profusely because of the press.  We ate delicious Chinese food made by a Philippine member and then shared a message with him and his family.  The next day we had DDM and then a few lessons and English course.  Wednesday we had 4 lessons and also ate at a member's home and taught a lesson to the nonmember friends. The next day we had 4 lessons again and English course.  Friday we planned and then did a scambio with the elders in our own house.

After the scambio ended on Saturday we had dinner with our favorite Peruvian family.  We had rice stuff and then chicken and fries.  I also probably drank a liter of Coke myself.  The long walk home in sweltering heat was fun with that bloated stomach. On Sunday we got recruited to teach the youth Sunday school class.  There were Philippines, Americans, and Italians so it was a little hard to understand each other.  They also were too shy to talk so it was pretty painful.

After church we had to plan a training we are doing around the zone and then we went to the park and met up with some members and their nonmember friends.  I was invited to coffee once and wine twice so they were curious when I politely declined.  We shared some things about the church and when we left they gave us a ton of extra food.  Anz. Palazzo also handed out a bunch of American candy he had received from home to the Italian kids and they loved it.  Today we did the shopping and almost broke down the door because our key didn't work.  Then the other elders came home and their key worked just fine.  Today we will go to Saint John's church.  Auguri to Derek and Gabby!!!

Anziano Blazzard

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