Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 56 - Roma 3, Italia

Amici e Famiglia,

It was a really crazy week in Rome full of meetings. On Monday we went to see a bunch of old stuff like the Trevi fountain and the Spanish steps. After that we got some delicious gelato. Then we had a family home evening with an investigator and member family. We ate some good food. The next day we had capi conference and went to the mission office for it. To save time and money the rest of the zone leaders and sister training leaders joined us via Skype. Then we went to a ward BBQ at a park and taught a lesson and made a bunch of new friends with some friends of the members.  And we got some good chow.  Then we had another lesson and English course.

The next day we had a few lessons in the morning and then I went to Ladispoli with Anz. Trejo on a train for an exchange. We talked some people about the restoration and the Book of Mormon on the street and then went to a member's home for a meal appointment.  Was good.  The next morning we did some more work and then headed back to Rome.  Then we had a lesson and English course. Afterwards we had some pizza to celebrate the going away of a sister who finally got the docs to go to her mission in Mozambique. Friday was zone conference. We talked about getting out of your
comfort zone for our training.  It went well.  Then we had a few lessons. On Saturday we had a lesson and then a baptism. The service went really well.  The next day he was confirmed in church and given the gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands by one who holds priesthood authority.  Then we went to our favorite Peruvian family's house for a meal and lesson.  Today we will be going S. Paul's Basilica.  It also is really starting to get hot here in Rome and we have no AC.

Anziano Blazzard

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