Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 19 - Ragusa, Sicily, Italy - New Companion - Durham

Amici e Famiglia,
Transfers have come and gone here in Sicilia.  We partied it up before Anziano Stamps left to Calabria on Thursday morning.  On Wednesday we took a bus to Catania, and Anziano Durham and I rode a bus back to Ragusa Thursday morning.  He is a really good missionary and likes to eat a lot so I think we will get along the next few months.  Our new district is us, Sorelle Arnold and Taylor (also from Holladay, UT), and Anziani Molnar and Lazarte (Argentinian/Italian).  I am looking forward to working with them.
We met with our golden investigator __ on Friday and Saturday and he has already agreed to baptism.  He came to church again yesterday so it looks like he will be baptized in a few weeks on the 11th of October.  It seems to me that he was prepared for the gospel as he accepted everything so quickly.  He has two other friends who have been out of town this week but we will track them down in the next few days.
We had to cancel English course Thursday but we should be up and running again hopefullytomorrow.  We hope to work with the people who have become interested in our message but it really does take some patience to seize the right moment in approaching them about taking the lessons. 
Today we will head to Messina to spend the night and do some Permesso work for Anziano Durham in the morning.  We have to ride a bus to Catania and then a train to Messina.  It will be a long day of travel. 
We have been doing some good less-active work and many are coming back to church which is awesome to see.  I have started reading the Old Testament having read all the other scriptures and it is a little strange.  Italian is continuing to come and understanding gets better each day.  Basta così.
Anziano Blazzard

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