Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 17 - Ragusa, Sicily, Italy

Amici e Famiglia,

Good week here in Southern Sicilia. I finished the Book of Mormon again and have begun to read the Doctrine and Covenants all the way through for the first time. Having that set amount of time each morning to read has been a great blessing in my life. It brings the Spirit to help with the challenges of the day.

This week we said goodbye to our friend ___who is now living in Turin with a friend. We call him often to make sure he is well and to see if the missionaries there have found him (not yet.) His friend William Lucky also passed his baptismal interview so he should be good to go for this Friday. I worked on his baptismal program last night on the computer at the church, and I remember why I hate word processing programs so much.

English course has exploded (30-40 people split into advanced and basic classes) and we are supposed to be meeting around five people who are interested in having a Book of Mormon tomorrow evening before class. We also met a cool guy from a boy's home (who we've been helping by translating his application into English for a program in germany) who said we could come by and hang out with him and the other boys there at the home. I still have been helping a woman from English course with medical terms and her family made it to church again.

We have been having good success with less-actives and we saw a good number of them back at church this weekend which was great. We have been working with a number of potentials and hard-to-reach investigators too and hopefully this week we can set up some teaching lessons with them.

Italian is going well. I get a lot of practice at church translating for _______. I received the usb stick in the mail Friday, thanks. I'm glad to here BYU is doing well... hopefully they will keep it up.

That's all for now.

Anziano Blazzard

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