Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 18 - Ragusa, Sicily, Italy

Amici e Famiglia,

Transfers are in.  I am staying as well as Sorella Arnold, Anziano Durham from Messina is coming, Anziano Stamps is going to Cosenza in Calabria (toe of Italy), Sorella Nagliati is going to Pescara as well as Anziano Woolsey (Anzinao Lazarte is coming to replace him in Gela to be with Anziano Molnar), and Sorella Taylor is coming.
I am excited for the work in Ragusa.  As we were walking up from Ibla to go to Lucky's baptism, we learned from him that another three Christians arrived at the camp from Libya (one of them, Frank, told us he'd been there for a year... crazy) and that he told them about us and they were interested in hearing our message.  English course is going well with about 40 students of which some have set up meetings with us to talk about the Gospel. 

Monday night we saw three less-active families in the space of an hour without setting up appointments... we kind of just showed up hoping we'd find some people home since our phone calls were going unanswered.  All the lessons went very well and some showed up at the baptism and at church.
Lucky's baptism went very well on Friday.  Many members showed up to support him and some less-actives and non-members also came.  I played the piano and got the opportunity to baptize Lucky that day, and on Sunday Elder Stamps confirmed him a member of the Church and conferred upon him the Holy Ghost.
We met with the three Christians in Ibla and gave them some English Book of Mormon's and one in Igbo (pronounced Eeboo).  We read Moroni's promise with them in both languages and they were a little astonished to hear the scripture in their native tongue.  They could hardly believe that someone took the time to translate scripture into that language.  Fr came to church (He loved it) on Sunday while the others said they needed time to settle in and get some church clothes (I told them it didn't matter, but they insisted on looking nice in order to worship.)
I invite all of you to pray and read the scriptures often for personal revelation, understanding, and strength.

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