Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Week 16 - Ragusa, Sicily, Italy

Amici e Famiglia,

It was a good week in the Italy Rome Mission.  English course is growing and we have a baptism coming up on the 12th of September for a Nigerian man.  I have been teaching this nurse here the English words for medical procedures and terms as well. On Wednesday morning, we took a bus at 7am to Catania to attend Zone Conference.  My companion gave a really good addestramento, and I was able to catch up with a missionary from my MTC district, Elder Holbrook.  He has been serving in Messina, a city in Sicily closest to mainland Italy.  He wasn't able to come to the last zone conference because he was sick from some Almond milk or something.  The conference ended around pranzo time, so we went to Burger King on the coastline of Catania for a quick lunch.  I had the Angry Whopper, and I have to say it wasn't the same (kinda nasty actually.)  There aren't any refills here either. Then we drove back to Ragusa with the Elders from Gela, Woolsey and Molnar (German), for a scambio.  I went with Anziano Woolsey, and we did some finding and Ward Council that evening.  The next morning, we walked down to Via Roma, east of our house and down the hill, to meet with some Eritreans who didn't show up.  Then we drove out to the Campagnia (the countryside around Ragusa) to meet with the Ochipinti family.  We had a good lesson with them and afterwards we had a district pasta meal with the sisters and the other elders in the church.  Yesterday, we called our friends in Ibla so that we could meet with them on Via Roma and walk the rest of the way to the church (Viale Enzo Ferrari).  One of them was sick so they said that they wouldn't be able to make it.  We called back and told him it was very important that he come to church so that we wouldn't have to push his baptism back.  He still didn't want to walk by himself up so he said no.  We almost gave up but I called him again and asked him if he would go if we walked down to the camp (Via Chiaramonte in Ibla) and then up with him.  He agreed and we ended up being very sweaty and late (missed Priesthood).  But, he was in church so we were happy for that.  We had a good English gospel doctrine lesson and Sacrament meeting afterwards.  Following the end of church, we went to the LoMonico's for a member pranzo appt.  You eat really well with members. They always give me the biggest portion starting out and then give me more when I finish. In Italian meals, you eat an appetizer sometimes, then a pasta, then a meat and potato dish, then fruit, and then a sweet (dolce). That night we met up with Samson on Via Roma to say goodbye because he is getting his permission to stay in the country today and heading off to Turin (Torino).  Italian is getting easier everyday.  Ciao Ciao

Anziano Blazzard

pic courtesy of Italy Rome Mission Blog

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