Thursday, December 3, 2015

Cosenza Week 3

Caro Amici e Famiglia,

I am emailing today because we had to switch our pday due to travel on Monday to get to Taranto for zone conference on Tuesday.  And a lot happened since last pday.  First off I was wrong about the information in regards to the Waldenses in the north being killed by an army from Cosenza in the Piedmont.  There is actually another group of Waldenses here in this area that has been persecuted from time to time.  I did do some more research on my ancestors that were apart of the group of
Waldenses in the Piedmont and was able to find two photos of Jeffrey or Chiafreddo Bodrero and his wife Maria Louisa Combette.  I was also able to find a history of him and his brothers who emigrated to the United States and to Utah.  One brother actually went first after being baptized by the original Mormon missionaries in Italy and Jeffrey, my third great grandfather I think, came to live with him
after several years and was never baptized in his lifetime into the church.   You can check it all out on  Anyways two Tuesday's ago we went to Crotone after waking up very early in the
morning to catch a bus to have district meeting and a thanksgiving meal with the elders and sisters of the Crotone district which includes the Crotone elders and sisters, the Crotone senior couple, and the Catanzaro elders.  We then went to Catanzaro with the elders from that city because we had been invited to a wedding by an ex-missionary from Turin who's brother was getting married to a girl
from Catanzaro.  Then later that week on Friday Anziano Mika and his greenie, a guy from Milan, came to get his residence permit.  They ended up staying until Monday because they arrived after the
immigration office had closed for the weekend.  It was a party and we also celebrated my birthday by trying out this American grill.  Then on Monday we traveled to Taranto and stayed the night there before going to zone conference the next morning.  It was held in the church there which I believe is one of the older Mormon churches in Italy. It went smoothly and the food provided by a member was easily the best conference food I've had.  We ate pasta al forno, this meat stuff with gravy and bacon, roasted potatoes, oranges, and some desserts.  We then drove back to Cosenza with the elders of Statte who have a car. It was real nice taking a car instead of a bus.  We had a good time with them and then today we had pday and we went to the Castello Svevo with out buddy Eugenio and ate some good traditional pasta in a small restaurant.  The work is going pretty well and we are getting better
at meeting with our investigators.  And that's all for now.

Anziano Blazzard

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