Monday, December 14, 2015

Mosquito e Mozzarella

Cari Amici e Famiglia,

This week was fun.  We ate too much panzerotti as well as the best pizza I've ever eaten in Italy thus far.  I also ate one evening 250 grams of buffalo mozzarella brought to us from the new sister who came from Battipaglia which is the home of buffalo mozzarella.  We also ate pumpkin and sausage stuff (very good) at a German sister's house and decorated Christmas cards for the primary using a lot of glue and glitter.  A lot of people pointed out that I had glitter on my face later on that day.  We went to Castrovillari to see a sister of the church and her family and we also ate lunch there in a park.
Missionaries hadn't been there in a while and a bunch of kids swarmed us and asked us who we were.  I was pretty embarrassed because I was caught eating plain meatballs like a caveman which I had just boughten there.  We also have been having a lot of mosquito problems... like I kill at least 7 a day with our electric racket and I still wake up with a mosquito buzzing in my ear (literally the worst way to start your day) and a bite on my face and/or neck.  This week we have zone conference and the Christmas party.  We have been telling everyone that we will make a lasagna and American cookies (chocolate chip) for the party so hopefully we won't disappoint.  I also volunteered to play the piano for a couple musical numbers unfortunately.  Work is good though so yep.

Anziano Blazzard

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