Monday, October 26, 2015

Truly Investigators

Cari Amici e Famiglia,

Today marks six months to higher self-esteem, a more concentrated effort on exercising and making smart choices with food.... Which is super hard in this mission (especially if I get sent south of Rome where the food is so good and so cheap).  Time really has flown and I hope to make the best of the time I have left here. So this week went pretty well for missionary work.  We had a guy come into the church again wanting to know more.  I don't know how this keeps happening, but it's better than having to find them through traditional methods.  We also set a baptismal date with a guy who has come to church already three times in a row and has read the entire Book of Mormon.  Another guy we taught read the BOM chapter we left and the plan of salvation pamphlet and decided he is cool with being in the terrestrial kingdom for now (which means living a good life but not accepting the true gospel of Jesus Christ).  He still wants to learn more but it was pretty funny nonetheless.  On Saturday we had a Halloween party where this one little chubby boy did the eating the donut off the string competition three times and had sugar all over his face and in his hair by the end.  Today we went to a Capuchin friar church that had a bunch of monk artifacts and tons of bones
taken from around 3,700 Friars arranged in different artistic forms. The creepy monk choir hymns being played in the background really added to the creepiness of it all.
Anziano Blazzard

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