Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Amici e Famiglia

Cari Amici e Famiglia,
 This last week was pretty packed with stuff to do.  On Monday night we stayed at the villa for mission leadership council.  Everyone showed up real late from around the mission so there wasn't much of a party. The next day we had the conference and it was alright.  On Thursday we had another conference, this time zone conference, and it also went pretty well. The assistants did all the training so we got to relax a little.  Also that day I accidentally stepped on one of the whiteboard legs and snapped off a wheel, so I glued it with super glue and tried to find a replacement. We got caught in the rain and when we were trying to get on a bus I stepped on my companion's shoe and slipped and fell on my bum.  We didn't find anything so tomorrow I am going to make an order at the store.  Also, on Sunday the wheel broke so I really will have to get a replacement.  Today we went to Villa
Borghese which is a giant park where we rented mountain bikes.  I was very cautious and safe after one sister braked too hard while going too fast and went over the handlebars.  She wasn't hurt besides a little scrape on the shoulder and face.  I about did it too a minute earlier so I wasn't very amused.  After we went to bowl with a part member family and ate some Chinese food with them afterwards.

Anziano Blazzard

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