Monday, September 21, 2015

Working and Eating in Roma

Cari Amici e Famiglia,

It was a another quick week for me.  We were fed quite a bit and the work is going really well.  This next week one of our investigators will be baptized so we are really excited for that.  We also get transfer calls this weekend and I'm really hoping to stay one more. On Wednesday night we went out to get some pizza with an investigator. After chewing a particularly chewy piece of sausage and some
considerable pain I realized that I bit off some of my inner cheek. It is still kind of hurting me today so I must have done some considerable damage.  Saturday night we ate some interesting Ecuadorean food which was sausage with rice, lentils, plantains, and some amazing salsa like usual.  Holbrook and I also made some carbonara (egg, Parmesan cheese, and bacon pasta) with two added peperoncini which were each about the size one of my fingers. It was crazy spicy and I felt like my inner esophagus was smoking.  Today we went to Hadrian's Villa which is a bunch of really old ruins which are pretty neat.

Anziano Packer B. Blazzard

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