Monday, September 28, 2015

Baptism, Grape Service, and Paintball

Cari Amici e Famiglia,

It was a packed week.  Early in the week we were gifted two types of Philippino meat: some sausage and bacon.  We cooked it for two of our breakfasts with some vegetables, rice, and fried eggs.  It was really heavy (in comparison to Italian style breakfasts) but so good and sweet to the taste.  On Friday we had the opportunity to pick some grapes in a vineyard near Campoleone for some service. Halfway through I realized that I had developed the Mickey Mouse sweat design on my shirt to my embarrassment.  I also got a couple of insect bites that don't seem to be mosquito bites on both my arm and my cheek.  But in the end it was a pretty cool experience working in a vineyard in the Italian countryside.  Also they fed us at a restaurant near the field which was pretty luxurious.  On Saturday, our investigator Pamela was baptized after months of bad health and hospitals.  It was a great service and the spirit was strong.  The following day she was confirmed in Sacrament meeting.  Today we went and did some paintball. Holbrook and I dressed up in some old abandoned missionary clothes and acted like we weren't playing when the other missionaries arrived in street clothes.  Then we said we were joking and we played in missionary attire.  I thought it would be more painful than it was. The only shot that kind of hurt was on the thigh... It left a nice welt.  The ride back on public trans was kind of interesting with paint all over.
Anziano Packer B. Blazzard

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