Monday, September 14, 2015

The Work through Rain and Food

Cari Amici e Famiglia,

This last week really flew by... Transfers are coming up in a few weeks and I am hoping to stay in Rome at least one more transfer.  It was really rainy last week.  When it rains here it really pours and traffic gets really congested. Also the metro (subway) flooded.  We were able to tip toe through a couple inches of water to get on one of the last trains before it shut down.  I went to Ladispoli this week for an exchange with my old MTC comp Anz Trejo.  It was nice to get out if the city and clear my lungs with some ocean breeze.  I also managed to spork (sporcare means to dirty)  my shirt two times that day (first some pizza and then some sauce I had with French fries) so I had to wash it that night and hang it up to dry because I only had that one shirt.  I consider the stains coming out one of the bigger miracles I saw this week. We also made some homemade pesto with some gifted basil leaves, 100€ per kilo pine nuts (more expensive than coke right?), and some other stuff.  It was pretty amazing and we made two pastas with it including one with grilled chicken and then the other with cherry tomatoes and a bit of bacon.  Speaking of eating Saturday night I almost busted one of my shirts after putting down 5 large plates of this rice stuff with a homemade salsa.  The woman who prepared it was very pleased so it made it worth it.  Yesterday was a pleasant Sunday after a little hectic morning trying to get people to church followed by a nice lunch put on by one of our amazing senior couples for the missionaries.  Life is good and there is work to do.

Anziano Packer B. Blazzard

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