Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 41 - Trapani, Sicily, Italy

Famiglia e Amici,

MTC District Fellows Reunited
Well, it's almost the end of another transfer here in the Italy Rome Mission. We'll receive the calls Saturday to see if we stay or move on.  This transfer really flew for me and time in general is flying by.  Anyways, on Monday we left on the bus for Palermo in the early afternoon and then from there we loaded up in Mistretta's car to go to Bagheria for a blitz.  We ended up talking to quite a few people thanks to the chalk written prompt, "Are you happy?"  Then we slept at the apartment there before heading back over to Palermo the next morning for DDM with the senior couple that's serving in Mistretta.  They had come to Bagheria to do apartment checks.

Panini Bomba
At DDM we talked about developing our talents in the mission and then we had some over-sized sandwiches from Panini Bomba again.  I think the senior sister in the senior couple really didn't appreciate our choice for lunch, but that's just what happens when it's a district of 8 guys.  Afterwards we enjoyed the scenic trip home passing by the storm-tossed sea, craggy mountains, and green rolling hills dotted with little cottages and ancient ruins.

We then taught some English before the branch Carnivale party.  It was pretty awesome. Big speaker blaring American music and 80s classics (One guy really enjoyed the 80s music and would sing along knowing half the words).  My favorite part of the night was when I saw a short 80 year old man dancing to some dubstep music.  I was dying.  The next day we had a few lessons and talked to quite a few people per strada.  We also had some good success out of the Area Book and made some appointments for the next week.

On Thursday, we had a lesson in the morning and then later cleaned the bathroom of the black mold.  It's a big problem here in Italy.  Then we had English course before the quorum activity with the guys in the branch.  We taught a lesson about the restoration of the gospel and how they could share it with their friends.  Then we played Foosball and I was again entertained exceedingly when the same short 80 year old man stepped up to play a round.  Afterwards we had some Italian sausage and lettuce panini.  The next day we planned in the morning and later the District Leader, Anz. Teichert, and his companion arrived from Mistretta to do an exchange.  We each did a lesson and then regrouped from some burgers at the usual place.  Then we talked to a lot of people on the street.

The next morning they left and we cleaned the church as we listened to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir 24 hour free music stream without commercials. Then we went to a birthday party for a daughter of one of our investigators and I ate like 8 pieces from 3 different kinds of cake.  Then we had some pizza.  The next day we went to church and afterwards ate some lunch with a member family.  We had something called frascatole which was like a cus cus broccoli soup and then ragu pasta for the first course.  Then we had loaded peppers with ham and mozzarella and some chicken patties.  Then we ate some fruit and cake.  We then had to rush over to an investigators house for a lesson (which went really well) and had some more cake (pineapple upside down cake).  Afterwards we had to sprint across the city (it took almost an hour) to give the sacrament again to the lady from last week.  She was very gracious that we had come in the rain and was happy to have some company.  We then went home and went to bed without eating anything for dinner.  I also didn't eat this morning because I still was full from the weekend.

It also has been raining for over a month every day besides maybe 2 or 3 of the days.  It's a little different from the weather back home.  Alla prossima

Anziano Blazzard

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