Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 39 - Trapani, Sicily, Italy

It has been raining all week again here in Sicily.  I am on my third umbrella too.  I was looking at last week's email and I am pretty embarrassed that I wrote through instead of threw and there instead of their.  Funny thing is I have been writing more than I ever have before in my life with these emails.  So, where I left off last week was Monday night in Ragusa.  We finished emailing and went to get my favorite pizza in Ragusa.  It's called the Siciliana and has ricotta and eggplant.  Sounds gross but it's amazing.

The next day we took a bus pretty early in the morning.  My awesome friends in Ragusa gave me a ride to the station and got me some breakfast too.  It would be nice to return at the end of my mission for a few more transfers.  The bus ride was 4 hours but beautiful, full of rolling hills and farms, mountains, old ruins, and the sea. Sorry, I didn't have my camera so you'll have to imagine or google it.  It's just that after a while it gets old.  We got to Palermo for the end of district meeting and then had some delicious panini bomba (tons of mystery meat).  Then we took the bus back to Trapani and I can't remember what we did that night.  The next day we helped this woman with preparing for an interview in English and had a few lessons later.

The next day we got some haircuts and had some other lessons later including a meal appointment which was delicious.  It was pasta in a red sauce, sausage, vegetables, and some other stuff.  The next morning we planned for the next week and then had a lesson with this awesome but doesn't talk very much which makes it awkward family.  The next day we had a few cancelled appointments and then a few lessons at the end of the day.  Yesterday, Sunday, we went to church and then had a nice meal with some members.  We ate homemade arancini (fried rice balls with meat and stuff inside) and some sausage and fruit and nutella crepes.  I ate way too much as usual but it wasn't overly uncomfortable to sit afterwards so not too bad.  Then we went to a house for another lesson but nobody was home, boh.

I am having a hard time remembering some funny stories, but yesterday at church something pretty funny happened.  So, I gave my phone to one of our African members, Joseph, to read a scripture.  Afterwards, he wanted me to take it back so he said, "Anziano, collect your phone."  Their English is pretty awesome sometimes.  That's all for now.

Anziano Blazzard

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