Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 27 - Trapani, Sicily, Italy

Amici e Famiglia,

t was a really good week here in Trapani. On Monday, we met with an investigating family and later had a good family home evening and meal with a family. On Tuesday we had an entertaining district meeting with licorice pipes and lots of storytelling as usual over some good fried food after the meeting was over.  We lost track of time and missed our usual bus and had to wait for the next one an hour later.  We got back just in time for English course.  The next day, we were going to take the morning off as a P-day make-up since we worked Monday afternoon but I got into a cleaning mood and cleaned for 5 hours straight.  It feels real good to not live like an animal.  Later we had Spanish course.  The next day we taught some new converts and were invited to a member's home for lunch.  We ate a carbonara (pasta, bacon, and runny eggs).  It sounds weird but it is really good.  Later we did our English course.  On Friday morning we planned, and then went to teach a family a little English and a little about the Gospel.  It was really awkward as the mother led us in, sat us down at the table where her son and her father were, and then just sat down and told us to teach her son some English.  I asked the son what he needed help on.  He didn't know so I started going over the simple greetings.  He struggled hard to understand the phrases "How are you" and "I'm well."  Then at the end we were offered some warm pear juice and we talked a little about the Book of Mormon and such.  Later we went to another investigating family's home and had another carbonara.  The grandparents there were very talkative and kept trying to talk to me in Sicilian.  Saturday, we cleaned the church in the morning and then went to another meal appointment with a member family.  We ate a typical Trapanese pasta and some gnocchi.  Later we taught a new-convert, less-active, and an investigator.  Sunday, we went to church in the morning and an investigator showed up, yeah!  He had a good time and we hope he continues to come. Then, as we were walking out of church, the stadium very nearby erupted in cheering.  Trapani had scored.  We were able to catch most of the game at the member's house we ate lunch at later. Trapani ended up tying Catania 2-2.  Later we went to a less-active's house with a member and had a great lesson with the man and his wife and two daughters.  We managed to snag a return appointment for next week.  It really helps when members help out the work.  That's all for now.

Anziano Blazzard

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