Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Week 5 - MTC - Provo Utah USA

'It was another great, eventful week for me at the MTC.  My life is pretty comfortable now as I've found out the tricks of the trade to having a good life at the MTC.  Last Wednesday, my companions and I took a bus to West Campus because we heard that the missionaries there were allowed to grow to Brigham's Landing for burgers, Jamba Juice, DP Cheese steaks, etc.  I looked in both the white handbook and the MTC rule book and could find nothing in it prohibiting our trip, so I think we're good since you can't sin in ignorance.  Anyways, it was a nice little break from the MTC food.

The days are flying by also.  Next Tuesday we are flying out to Chicago, London, and then Rome!  I can't wait to get there and get to work with actual investigators and not be in a small classroom all day.  I am a little scared to find out my first area because one of my instructors, Sorella Urban, told us that if we get sent to Malta, we would be there for at least a year and have to learn Maltanese (it isn't a type of ice cream, rather it is a mix of Greek and Arabic).  That would be a bummer after struggling to learn Italian these past 5-6 weeks.  The language is coming well still, but I'm sure I will be in for a big shock the first month in Italy or Sardinia or Sicily.

I've got a good workout routine going now also.  I do an ab ripper-esk workout and then do several sets of wide, narrow, and normal push-ups.  Then I run for a few miles.  I sometimes play basketball, and have been getting pretty good at my fade-away's since I get swatted shooting regularly with Elder Mika guarding me.

On Sunday we heard from Sister Sheri Dew, an executive from Deseret Book and former church leader.  She spoke of the power of grace in our lives and how it can empower us to get past challenges.  It was a very good talk.  On Tuesday, we heard from Elder Ballard who spoke on the importance of focusing on the doctrine of Christ in our studying both in and out of the mission, on being wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove, Lehi's dream and how we need to be unembarrassed of our membership and stand up for the church, the parable of the sower, and that we need to look to the 15 apostles for direction because they will not and cannot lead us astray.  It was a powerful talk.

In Choir we sang a song called (I think) "Consider the Lilies of the Field."  I liked it a lot but the bass part is pretty lame as it is with most songs.  It sounds like I'm singing off-key the entire time.  The piano music I received was well-received by my zone.  Now all I hear is Jurassic Park and Music of the Night being sung badly or whistled in the residences (Elder Mika's a master whistler by the way.)  I also found a nice grand piano to play which is pretty neat.  I am still playing piano in Priesthood as no other Elder knows how to play.  My mother's prophetic statement about me needing to learn to play the piano for my mission seems to have been fulfilled.'

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