Thursday, June 12, 2014

Week 4 - MTC - Provo Utah USA

Another great week at the MTC. We are now teaching four lessons a day in Italian with only minimal language notes. I have great instructors who push me to improve each day in the language. This week I have been reading the New Testament and have really enjoyed reading from the beginning instead of just skipping around to certain parables or stories. I have also been playing a lot of piano so that I can be ready to play in priesthood on Sunday. I have been looking for a replacement but it seems no other Elders were required to take piano lessons earlier in life. I included a clip of me playing a hymn that is only in the Italian hymn book, Inni, which is called "Mandate Voci di Goia all'Eterna" (number 44). I think it means "Send voices/praises of joy to the Eternity." On Sunday, I began my duties as Zone leader which basically consist of asking people to pray in sacrament meeting and going to a ton of meetings. Later, we listened to Brother Heaton, Administrative Director of the Provo MTC, who spoke for a very long time on the importance of teaching chastity to our investigators. I may have nodded off in that one. He used to be the Spokane WA mission president as well. On Tuesday, we listened to Elder Cook of the Twelve and his wife, Mary Cook. The talk was about the importance of branch/ward building and always being friendly, smiley, and talkative to people we meet (yeah).

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