Thursday, June 5, 2014

Week 3 - MTC - Provo Utah USA

This past Sunday was a fast Sunday so I was starving all day until dinner. We had Mission Conference in the morning where we listened to each of the MTC Presidents speak. A new mission president heading to Russia sang a hymn Valjean (from Les Miserable) style as well which was pretty interesting. Around 1 we headed to the temple to lounge and ponder. Later that night at the devotional there was a musical number by Sister Clair Kartchner(Mark's sister) and her companion. Clair was on the piano and her companion sang Abide with Me, Tis Eventide. Clair played very well and her companion was angelic with her singing. They are both going to Hong Kong I think. The speaker that night was in charge of Internet Missionary Work, Brother Hemingway. He had a Prezi presentation showing how the gospel was spread from Joseph Smith to others. At the end of the lecture, he highlighted all the lines of connection between people who were taught the gospel by traditional missionary work. Only a few lines were highlighted. Most came to know of the gospel through there family, friends, and acquaintances (thus the importance of social networks like Facebook).

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