Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 43 - Bari, Italy - Elder Toronto

Cari Amici e Famiglia,

Anziano Toronto
 So I made it to Bari and it's been pretty hectic the last few days trying not to get lost and picking up the work from the Anziani that were blown-out (both missionaries leave without one staying to show the new guy the work and how to get around). The new missionary I am training is Anziano Toronto. He is from Minnesota and went to BYU before the mission for summer and fall semesters. He happened to know Brock and Garrett at BYU and was their Elder's Quorum President. He is directly descended from the original first Italian member Joseph Toronto. He also was President of Boy's Nation and met the president (y'all probably don't know what that is but it is pretty crazy). He speaks really well and is very diligent. Anyways, last Monday we did some last visits with some people in Trapani. On Tuesday we had DDM and Panini Bomba (they gave us some sausage as we waited). Then we had English course. The next day I finished packing and we left for Palermo. It decided to rain for the first time that week. In Palermo we dropped off our bags at the Palermo 2 house and caught a bus out to Panini Bomba again. I had 2 and the second one had way too much mayonnaise on it. It was good and gross at the same time. Then I went on a quick split with Elder Holbrook and we had a few lessons and got 3 numbers from some youth our age randomly at the train station. The next morning very early I got on a bus at 6:45am that was going from Palermo to Bari. I rode with Sister Gates the entire way as she was going to Foggia.

 In Messina we saw my old comp Elder Mika which was sweet. Then we drove onto a ferry to take us over to Reggio Calabria. The we kept going all the way to Bari passing through Cosenza and Taranto. We finally arrived after 7. There I met up with Elder Toronto and we went to the English course at the Bari Libertà church. There are two wards or groups of members in Bari: Libertà and Poggiofranco. After that we were dropped off at our house by the senior missionary couple. The house is nice but it has definitely been used and abused by missionaries. Some ciccione broke the toilet bowl too so it has a crack and leaks. We'll have to fix that soon. The next day we studied and afterwards went to get some food because there wasn't any in the house. We also got some stuff to repair the house a bit. Then we had cool movie night activity at the church where we watched the hour something long restoration movie. There was free popcorn too.

 The next day we did some planning and then we went to Andria to do a district blitz with the elders from bari poggiofranco and bitonto. The train we took to and from there was awesome. On Sunday we had church from 9 to 12 and then ate a meal with a family. The pasta was simple but amazing. Then we had a turkey ball thing with some greens, cheese, and bacon inside. Then potatoes and finally some cream, whipped cream, and strawberry dessert. And I was happy to see that in Bari they always have a cold bottle of coke on the table like they do in Sicily. We went to a singles ward church service because there have been many recent youth converts. Today we are writing from a ghetto internet point and will be playing soccer with the district later. Well, talk to y'all next week. Anziano Blazzard

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