Monday, August 18, 2014

Week 14 - Ragusa, Sicily, Italy

This week in Ragusa there was a thing called Ferragosto or something like that where everyone was at the sea. So, on the climax of this holiday, Friday, we stayed inside all day and deep cleaned our apartment.  It is nice to have a clean place to live in again. Anyways, on Monday the elders from Gela came for P-Day and later that night I went with one of them to do some work while my companion went with the other.  My group did a family home evening with a less active member and his son and then some finding.  That night I made my first pesto which turned out pretty well.  The next day we had district meeting and then a pancake party with a member who lives in between Ragusa and Gela in a small town.  I managed to eat a few without complaint though bread isn't really my favorite food.  Then we had English course later that night with a pretty good turnout.  On Wednesday, I think we walked down to Ibla to teach an investigator and then later in the afternoon we walked the streets for several hours talking to people.  
Yesterday on Sunday, we were walking around again when we ran into an African convert and his friends and we talked about their lives before coming to Italy.  They told us about crossing the Sahara, living in war-torn Libya, and crossing the sea in a few days in a big rubber raft with around a hundred people.  It is eye-opening to me to see how crazy and different my American life is from theirs.
Italian is coming along well still.  Yesterday in church I began to understand the discussions in priesthood and some of the jokes being made so that was pretty cool.
Okay, that's all for now.  Ciao

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