Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Week 12 - Ragusa, Sicily, Italy

Transfer calls were Saturday, and I will be in Ragusa with Elder Stamps as expected for the next transfer (six weeks).  Sister Pancheri will be heading to Taranto and Sister Arnold (from England) will be coming to fill her spot here in Ragusa.  The Anziani in Gela will be staying so the district won't be changing too much.  I am very excited to begin another transfer... time is flying by for me.
So, last Tuesday, after district meeting at the church in Ragusa, we drove back to Gela in their car so that Elder Stamps could interview a baptismal candidate.  While they did that, I went out on the streets with Anziano Molnar (from Germany) to do some finding.  It stinks pretty bad there like dead fish and old garbage.  We talked to a few people, handed out some cards, and played a game of chess with this old man.  He taught us how chess could be compared to life in that every choice has consequences both in the present and in the future.  Interesting guy.  Then we taught English course at the small church in Gela and afterwards a lesson with a Polish woman and her two daughters.  The next morning, we woke early and left Gela at about 6am on a bus back to Ragusa.

Besides doing a lot of street work, we spent some time with our friends because Sister Pancheri is leaving and they wanted to say goodbye.  We had a barbecue where we grilled these giant rolls of sausage and then made sandwiches.  We made some arancini (meat ragu and mozzarella covered in rice and deep-fried) and cake too.  It was really good.  On Sunday we ate with the members after church.  We had some pasta with sausage and other stuff in it and some anguria (watermelon).  Also really good.
My Italian is getting there.  It's getting easier and easier to understand in church and when talking to people on the street.  Well, not much to say but that I will continue to work hard finding and teaching.  Ciao, ciao.

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