Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 51 - Bari, Liberta, Italy

Famiglia e Amici,

So after emailing y'all last Thursday we played some basketball and volleyball with our district at the church.  We also tossed around the football.  It's funny to see the curious and confused looks of Italians when they see a football.  We then did some needed shopping because we had money again.  Afterwards we had a few lessons and English course.  Both lessons went very well.  The next day we planned and then had a few lessons.  The next day we did a lesson with an investigator before his baptismal interview at the church.  It worked well for us because we had to fill up the font for the baptism later that night.  We also practiced a song for the investigator's baptism the next week.  They man can play the piano super well by ear and he taught us an African gospel song about Jesus.  After he left we did a new convert lesson before the baptism.  Also before the baptism a new investigator that showed up to the baptism was standing near the font and asked me when he could be baptized.  I gave him a couple of options and he accepted right then and there to be baptized in a few weeks.  I was like, what is this, Brazil??

The baptism went very well and the man who was baptized was very happy.  I had the opportunity to play the piano and give a talk.  It was cool to see that at any age someone can change and enter through the gate that leads to Eternal Life.  He was definitely prepared beforehand for the message of the Restoration.  On Sunday we went to church and I got to translate again.  Some people are near impossible to hear or understand. Or sometimes you understand most of the story and you miss the crucial point of it all and you are stuck there not knowing how to finish the thought.  It's a lot of fun.  Afterwards we had a lesson with the miracle man at the baptism the day before.  Following that we went with a deaf member to our lunch appointment with a family in the ward.  He is a funny guy that likes to joke a lot.  It takes a while to realize he is joking.  The meal was amazing as always.  The appetizers including various types of cheeses, breads, and meats as well as spinach pie things.  Then we had a simple but good pasta with red sauce, steak and salad, fruit, and some gelato.  We then went to a new convert's house for a lesson.

Today we went to Matera, a city about a hour and a half away from Bari by train. I heard that they might have filmed the Passion of Christ there.  Anyways we basically hiked down a hill, crossed a creek, and then hiked up the other side to take some sweet photos.  Then we had to run down the hill, cross the river, and run up the hill and through the city to catch our train back to Bari.  It was neat but now I am very sweaty and sun-burnt.  Things are going pretty great though.

Anziano Blazzard

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