Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 48 - Bari, Liberta, Italy

Famiglia e Amici,

So, this last week was pretty good.  On Monday after the trip to the castle and the amazing restaurant, we emailed you guys and then walked home to do some deep cleaning.  As we were walking home, we passed some young people and one of them said 'Hi' to us in English.  She was also probably 'high' based on the odor we smelled.  We chatted for a bit and then they invited us to go to a dance club with them. We said maybe later and walked on after sharing a bit of the gospel.  We didn't go to the dance club obviously and did some deep cleaning instead.

The next day, we finished cleaning and did some errands in the morning.  In the afternoon we did some finding and the first person we stopped was interested in our message.  We were able to sit down and explain some basic beliefs and set a return appointment.  Unfortunately it didn't work out because his number doesn't work but it was still kind of cool to have the first person we stop actually stop.  Then later we went to English course.

The next day we had District Meeting and we did transfer predictions.  Then we had a birthday party for one of the sister missionaries.  After that, we had a few lessons with some investigators and one of them later passed his baptismal interview.  The next day we took a bus out to Bitritto to teach a lesson to an investigator.  Later that evening, we had a few lessons and English course.  After class, we went with the students to the Maddelena (a pizza place that also sells panzerotti, the fried folded over cheese pizzas) to have a party for a sister missionary that is going home to Merica.  It is right next to a church that looks like a halfpipe.  Our awesome students bought us a panzerotto and Fanta each.  Then they bought me another round.  They almost bought me a third round but I told them I would probably die later that night if I ate another.  When you eat the panzerotti you have to sit and lean forward so that the juice drops safely to the ground and not on your clothes.  One sister dropped a piece on her skirt and the Doctor's (a student who is a doctor and whose name I can't remember so I just call him doctor) panzerotto exploded all down his front. I managed to eat mine without problem... until I felt the effects the next day.  Luckily we planned the next morning for the next week and I was able to digest a bit more before heading to the church to prepare for the baptism.

The baptism went very well and I played the piano.  The next day we taught a lesson in a beautiful park near a fountain and later we taught a lesson before heading to another baptism in the other ward in Bari.  I played the piano again and the baptism there also went well.  Then we walked home before talking with a friend in a store and teaching a bit about the gospel.  He invited us to eat lunch at his grandma's house some Sunday too.  Italians are super nice to us.  The next day we went to church and the confirmation of our investigator went well. Then we had lunch in the church with all the members and some investigators.  We had diverse types of lasagna, buffalo cheese, sausage, fruit, and dessert.  Then we had a lesson later that evening.  Today we should be going to a friend's place to eat some foo foo (an African soup and dough ball dish).  I am pretty excited.
(I found this on FB which I am guessing is the eating of the foo foo)

Anziano Blazzard

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