Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 9 - Ragusa, Sicily, Italy

Another very hot week in Southern Sicily.  I've been battling the weight-loss with large amounts of gelato and nutella with some success in slowing the loss.  The other food here is pretty good too.  I have tried proscuitto crudo (raw ham), rice with octopuses, shrimp,  and clams, some arancini (fried rice cones with stuff inside) and also some crepes.  

We have been working hard scheduling lessons, contacting people on the street and from referrals, and teaching.  Sometimes the lessons fall through at the last minute, but our spirits are still high. The two Africans we have been teaching in Ibla are making good progress and have baptismal dates in a couple weeks.  I also taught an Italian investigator for the first time this week with the ward mission leader (trainer was gone with another member giving a blessing to a sister in the ward.)  I managed alright in teaching the restoration in Italian and the investigator seemed to understand pretty well.  We will continue to teach him though his job schedule doesn't allow him to attend church (hopefully that will change in a few months.)

English course has been a lot of fun and there are many potentials there who we are trying to meet with also.

On Saturday we tried to visit a contact in Modica but he didn't show so we kind of took a bus out there for nothing.  We got some gelato and headed back.  When we got back, the sisters called us because their investigator was acting a little strange and they wanted us to check it out.  As soon as we walked into the apartment it was obvious that she needed to go to a psych ward.  We called around for like an hour for some help and a few doctors and police showed up after a while.  They took her to a hospital and last I heard she is doing a lot better.  It was an interesting experience for sure.

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